Iran’s Supreme National Security Council : Referendum will weaken the Kurds 

July 17, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Ali Shamkhani meets with the PUK delegation headed by Kosrat Rasul (Iranian media, 17 July)

Ali Shamkhani the head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council stated today that holding referendum will isolate and weaken the Kurds and increase the pressures on them. Shamkhani made the statement in a meeting today, July 17, with the representatives of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) in Tehran which consisted of deputy head of PUK Kosrat Rasul and several top officials of the party.

“Referendum will weaken the Kurds and Kurdistan and Iraq in general,” Shamkhani who is also a representative of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said. “A secure,firm and united Iraq is a provider of long term security and the progress of this country and states who consider themselves friends  and have good will towards Iraq should back this approach.”

A high delegation from the PUK is in Iran to discuss several issues including referendum. In its latest meeting of July 13, the PUK Politburo stated in a statement that they will back referendum if the parliament resits.

On June 7, Masoud Barzani with the representatives of other parties except for Gorran and Islamic Group announced that a referendum for independence will be held on September 25 in Kurdistan and the disputed areas.

The United States, European Union, Iraq, Turkey and Iran declined to support the referendum and reaffirmed their committment to a unified Iraq.


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