The IDPs in Kirkuk face water shortages

July 28, 2017 at 10:11 am

Children in Laylan camp fetch potable water in plastic Jerry Can (2017)

The internally displaced people of Nazrawa camp in Kirkuk have water shortages and are forced to buy water to meet their needs. “We have water problem here, everyday the government brings several trucks of water but because of the high temperature and large number of IDPs the water is not enough and we have to buy water,” said Ali Hamood one of the displaced resident of Nazrawa camp in Laylan subdistrict. “Buying water for us is difficult because we dont have a source of income.”

The IDPs in the camp are from the areas around Hawijah which are under Islamic State control and the IDPs number around 1600 families.

Ahmad Khorshid a member of Hawijah District Council who currently lives in Kirkuk says the IDPs contact him on a daily basis and complain about shortage of water. “We convey the requests of the IDPs and call on the authorities to resolve the water problem because some of the IDPs have no money to buy water.”

According to the data from the Kirkuk local government, there are currently 600,000 IDPs from Diyala, Salahaddin, Mosul and Hawijah living in the province. The IDPs are based in several camps in Daquq and Laylan located in the province.

Najmaddin Karim the Governor of Kirkuk called on the IDPs whose areas have been retaken to return to their homes because the local authorities in Kirkuk have no resources to provide adequate services to the IDPs.

According to information obtained by Kirkuknow from a source familiar with the situation in Nazrawa camp the Norwegian Refugee Council is contracted to dig two wells and the project should finish within 30 days.


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