Islamic State militants massacre a Kakaei family near Kirkuk

August 2, 2017 at 8:30 pm

Rahman on the right and Karwan Salehi of kirkuknow on the left (29 July 2017)

Karwan Salehi

It was a dark night and Hesamaddin in his 60s told his son Rahman to go out and check on the vehicle parked outside the house. Rahman ignited the engine and stayed in the car listening to music in this quiet village in south of Kirkuk. The sound of a sudden bullet made Rahman jump and he saw from the window of the car the shadows of several gunmen.

When he saw the gunmen Rahman switched off the car and turned down one of the windows slightly to see who the gunmen were. For the next half an hour, he stayed silent and observed a horrific scene in which his father, mother and a sister were shot dead by the group who turned out to be from the Islamic State. The militants abducted one of Rahman’s brother and her sister in law, and two sons of the shepherd neighbour.

“There was a commotion and I saw around 20 gunmen coming towards our house,” 15 year old Rahman recalled. “The gunmen were coming from our neighbour’s house and had two of his sons with them.”

Rahman, 15, shows the bullet cases used by Isis militants to kill his family (29 July 2017)

When the gunmen arrived in front of Rahman’s house, Soran his brother took up his gun but the gunmen spoke in Kurdish and asked for assistance. “They said they were peshmerga and asked Soran to go with them, but as they prepared to leave my father came out and said come inside and have some tea,” Rahman remembered. “Then suddenly gunfire started and they killed my father, mother and sister as well as our shepherd who was our neighbour too.”

Hasamaddin Kakaei was in his 60s and from the Kakaei minority and worked as farmer in Tappay Dwsari village in Daquq area, 44km south of Kirkuk.

Then the gunmen took Soran and his sister in law with them and left without noticing Rahman hiding in the vehicle. The incident lasted about half an hour and the peshmerga forces were responsible for the security of the village, the Peshmerga ministry has formed a committee to investigate the incident.


Tapay Dwsari village 44 km south of Kirkuk where the massacre occurred (Karwan Salehi, 29 July 2017)

Three days after the incident the Kurdish forces abudcted two women from an IDP camp in Daquq and suspected one of the women to be the wife and the other a sister of a an ISIS commander, this is according to three sources who did not want to be named because of the sensitivity of the matter. A military source in Daquq told kirkuknow on the condition of anonymity that according to his sources the two women were abducted by a group of Kakaei men and the security forces. The women the source said are related to an Isis commander who is in Hawijah still under Isis control and the Kakaei men and the security forces are hoping to exchange the two women for the two Kakaei abducted by Isis.

Rahman wants to be repatriated with his brother and his sister in law and the security forces are currently hoping through some Arab tribal leaders to get the four who were abducted back.


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