Top student in Kirkuk is a displaced girl from Mosul

August 7, 2017 at 7:15 pm

Sixth grade primary school examinations in Kirkuk (14 May 2017)

Mohammad Abdulkhaleq

When Sara’s family fled Mosul in a hurry back in 2014, they forgot her textbooks at a time when she was taking her third grade secondary school exams, but a new city made no difference and Sara managed to become the top student in Kirkuk in the final examinations. When she was in primary school, she had become the top student across Iraq that is why her family expected this achievement from her.

Sara Yilmaz, 19, became the top student in Kirkuk and came third across Iraq in her six grades in sciences, this is according to the results of the top students of 2016-2017 educational year from the education ministry.

Sara’s average grade was 99.57 and alongside her studies she is learning French in a private school. “During the days that I had to go to class I studied for 8 hours but in holiday time, I studied for 12 hours,” Sara Yilmaz told Kirkuknow. She says she had one hour rest everyday during which time she would surf the net or watch television.

She was in the third grade in mid 2014 when she fled Mosul with her family after the extremist Islamic State group attacked the city. Kirkuk is currently home to around 600,000 internally displaced persons from Hawijah and other areas and many students have gone back to school in their new homes. “I am proud of Sara for coming first in examination in Kirkuk, we were expecting this result because she always studied,” Sara’s father said.

In this year’s examinations for the final year of primary school tests, a displaced girl from Hawijah managed to become first across Kirkuk. In total 7054 students participated in the final examinations for their six grades and 1615 were accepted.

“I hope to be accepted into school of dentistry,” said Sara.

There were several other students from Kirkuk who obtained high grades across Iraq.


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