Kirkuk parties reach agreement on power sharing 

August 7, 2017 at 7:21 pm

Kirkuk Citadel (April 2017)

Serwan Hussein

Salim Jaburi, Iraqi Parliament speaker says that political groups from Kirkuk have reached an understanding on power sharing in the province. Jaburi called on them to speed up the process by wrapping up their talks. 

According to a statement from the Iraqi Parliament on Sunday (6th August) Jaburi chaired a meeting of the head of factions and committees to discuss the provincial council election law. Jaburi in the meeting revealed that the political parties from Kirkuk have reached an understanding about power sharing in the province. 

The representatives of various groups from Kirkuk met around 10 times to discuss the law and power sharing in the province. For the last 12 years no provincial election have been held because of the disagreements between various political groups in the province.

On 30th of July, the representatives of various groups agreed to hold conditional elections in the province and Prime Minister Abadi announced earlier this year that provincial election will be held on 16th of September but it is yet not clear if Kirkuk will participate. 

Arab and Turkmen groups say that the situation in Kirkuk should be normalised before the election are held and those who did not participate in the 1957 census, should not have the right to vote but Kurds reject this. 


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