PM Abadi: No other option but to live together in a united Iraq

August 10, 2017 at 4:59 pm

PM Abadi press conference (11 Aril 2017)

Prime Minister Haydar Abadi is calling for dialogue with the Kurdish leaders and emphasised that Iraqi territorial integrity should be respected and for various groups in the country to live together. Abadi made the comments during his weekly press conference on Tuesday (August 8).

Abadi said that the Kurdish parties should convene and discuss the issue because they will achieve nothing through rivalry. “There is no other option but living together according to the constitution,” and said it is not wise to opt for separation whenever there are disagreements.

Abadi said that the government in Baghdad has no power to make a decision about a part of the country separating and it is the parliament that can make such a decision. “We are still determined to keep the territorial integrity of Iraq and god willing this position will not change.”

The Kurdistan referendum committee in its third session on  August 7 decided to form a negotiating committee to start dialogue with Baghdad. The committee will visit Baghdad next week and will meet with government and political leaders.

On June 7, Masoud Barzani with most of the political parties in Kurdistan except for Change Movement and Kurdistan Islamic Group (Komal), decided to hold a referendum for independence on September 25 in the main Kurdish provinces and the disputed territories.

All of Kirkuk province, most of Mosul and areas in Salahaddin and Diyala are areas that are disputed between Baghdad and Erbil.

The US, European Union, Turkey, Iran and Iraq have expressed their opposition to holding referendum for independence.


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