Arrests for terrorism and crime rise in Kirkuk

August 10, 2017 at 5:12 pm

PUK Asayish arrests a number of suspects in Kirkuk (7 August 2017)

The Kurdish security forces have detained 20 people within five days in the Kirkuk province, according to tally from the security forces.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Asayish announced on Wednesday (August 9) that they arrested one person in Zorawa neighbourhood who was wanted on theft charges in Salahaddin province.

The same force announced on August 8 that they arrested an individual on terrorism charges who was from Abasi sub district near Hawijah who entered Kirkuk with the flood of internally displaced persons.

On August 7, the Asayish forces announced the arrest of five individuals accused of killing a peshmerga colonel, a few hours after the incident took place. On Sunday August 6, three people were detained for stealing a car in Raparin neighbourhood. On Saturday (August 5) the security forces detained a young man on charges of hacking into accounts of Facebook users and demanded ransom in order to obtain their accounts backs.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Asayish arrested a wanted man from Hawijah on terror charges (Article 4) in Laylan area in Kirkuk. On August 7, the same force detained another person on terror charges in Daquq area in south of Kirkuk. Another individual who is suspected of being an Islamic State militant was arrested by KDP Asayish in Daquq. The district and subdistrict police on Wednesday  (August 9) arrested a young man who is accused of killing his own cousin.

On Tuesday (August 8) the district and subdistrict police arrested three person on charges of abducting a Turkmen boy earlier this month and demanded a large ransom from the child’s family. Another individual was arrested in Rashad on charges of giving the profit of selling wheat to Islamic State.


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