Mosul reconstruction will take five years

August 14, 2017 at 4:23 pm

Nuraddin Qablan the deputy head of Nineveh provincial council (photograph: Muslya TV)

The deputy head of Nineveh Provincial Council said in an interview with Kirkuknow that 60% of the right side (west) of Mosul city has been destroyed and they have drawn up a five year plan to rebuild the city  but the local government is currently assessing the estimated amount needed for the plan.

Nuraddin Qablan says most services have been restored in east Mosul including water plants, electricity, health, education and security but the west part has been damaged badly and the authorities are currently trying to restore a huge water plant which will be operational this month.

Qablan the deputy head of the provincial council says the main obstacle to implement their five year plan for the reconstruction of Mosul is the lack of understanding between various groups and political parties in the province. Another obstacle to provide services to the people of the city is the destruction of all the bridges on Tigris river which connect east and west of Mosul. “It is fair to say this is due to negligence of the local government of Mosul which should have planned for this eventuality,” said Qablan.

The first six month of the local government five year plan is to return peace to the city. The plan started on August 1 and by the beginning of next year, the authorities would have a better picture, Qablad told Kirkuknow. Following this six months, the local government in Mosul has pledged to fix the general services to the public. The last 36 months remaining, the reconstruction of the city including the factories will be completed.

Most of west Mosul have been destroyed or badly damaged. (photograph: Kirkuknow, 11 July 2017)

The general plan will cover all the sectors including ways to prevent the spread of extremism.

Qablan said the local government has not assessed the funds needed for the five year plan because the engineering unit estimating the funds needed for the reconstruction has not finished its work.

By the beginning of next year, seven ministers will delegate their powers to the local government to smoothen the process for the council, Qablan says.

The council has appointed 34 committees to assess the compensation of the citizens in Mosul but they are waiting for the official authorisation to begin their work. “The development budget is not enough to reconstruct Mosul” said Qablan. “Compensation, reconstruction and providing services top the people needs specific budget.”

“There have been breaches of human rights in Mosul but the extent has been exaggerated,” Qablan stated.  “People are scared of all these forces and their presence has affected the number of IDPs returning to the city.”


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