A new centre to fight extremism launched in Kirkuk

August 17, 2017 at 2:53 pm

Imams at the centre in Kirkuk being given instruction in how to fight extremism (photograph: courtesy of Sunni Endowment)

The Sunni Endowment in Kirkuk has opened a new centre to raise awareness about the threats of extremism because they consider Islamic State (Daesh) ideology as a threat to the society.

The centre which has started its work in Kirkuk aims through its experts to test the religious Imams, university lecturers, and the administrators of different districts and sub districts to see if they harbour any extremism.

“The Daesh terrorists have been defeated in the battlefield but terrorism ideology is a big threat for the society and that is why we thought it is a good idea to open a religious centre like this to raise awareness,” Ahmad Jamil Mudares the head of Sunni Endowment in Kirkuk told Kirkuknow.

The first stage of the centre’s work started this week where a number of religious Imams and employees of the Sunni Endowment in Kirkuk and all the areas under Isis control were tested.

There are currently ten groups of 50 persons each ready to be tested. Three groups have already been tested.

Imams are being tested at the new centre (August 2017)

The head of Sunni Endowment says anyone who does not believe in peaceful coexistence and does not pass the test will be fired from his job and won’t be employed anywhere else. Mudares told Kirkuknow that the reason why the religious Imams and employees of the Endowment take the test is because many areas have been retaken by the security forces and the Imams who were IDPs in Kirkuk are now planning to go back.

According to Kirkuk Endowment 11 Imams in Hawijah area have joined Islamic State. Kirkuk city has 535 mosques, Hawijah and the subdistricts around it have 270 mosque.

Another step to confront terrorism and extremism, the Sunni Endowment of Iraq and Kurdistan are in talks to produce dramas, books and booklets so the impact of Isis ideology on children are erased.


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