Kirkuk administration calls for inclusion of the province in Kurdistan referendum 

August 28, 2017 at 11:55 am

The seats of Turkmen and Arab representatives are empty at provincial council in Kirkuk. (28 March 2017)

The Kirkuk administration has officially requested to take part in the Kurdistan referendum and the provincial council is expected to vote on the tabled request. Kirkuk provincial council will sit next week to discuss the motion to take part in referendum and council members will cast their votes.

Najmaddin Karim the Kurdish governor of Kirkuk told reporters during a conference for the tribes of the province: “Today the Kirkuk administration has officially requested that the provincial council sits and casts vote on participation of Kirkuk in the referendum and calls on the high electoral commission of Kurdistan region to include Kirkuk in the referendum.”

The Third Congress of the tribes in Kirkuk was organised on Thursday, 24 August, with the message that the tribes in Kirkuk are a symbol of national unity for stability and security and support the security forces.

The request from the Kirkuk administration is at a time when most Turkmen and Arabs in Kirkuk oppose the plebiscite while Kurds insist that the the process should go ahead and Kirkuk should participate.

On June 7, Masoud Barzani and the representatives of most political parties in Kurdistan announced in a statement that a referendum for independence will be held on September 25. The Change Movement and the Islamic Group did not take part in the meeting.

The planned referendum has become a controversial issue in which the neighbouring countries have opposed it and say they are for a united Iraq.


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