Kurdistan electoral commission approves Kirkuk referendum

September 4, 2017 at 8:37 am

Disputed territories in Iraq

Kurdistan High Electoral and Referendum Commission responds officially to the request by the Kirkuk Provincial Council about their and other disputed territories participation in the upcoming referendum.

Handren Mohammad the head of the Electoral commission told Kirkuknow that his commission has received the request from Kirkuk and their request has been granted as of 30th of August. “We will do all the required preparations to execute the referendum per request from the Kirkuk provincial council and other disputed territories from Sinjar to Jalwla and Mandali. We will place 5-6,000 ballot boxes in the disputed territories.”

Last Tuesday – 29th of August- without participation of the Arab and Turkmen members of the council, Kirkuk provincial council approved the request by the governor to participate in the Kurdistan referendum. The decision was made by the Brotherhood List on the council most of whom are Kurds.

In Nineveh province, councils from Sinjar, Makhmour, Bashiqa, Al-Qosh, Tel Keyef have voted to participate in Kurdistan referendum. In Diyala province, Khanaqin, Jalawla, Sadiya and Mandali have requested to participate in the referendum.

Masoud Barzani and the representatives of most Kurdish parties announced on 7th of June that a referendum for independence will be held on September 25.


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