Maliki: We reject the UN proposal on Kurdistan referendum 

September 21, 2017 at 2:25 pm

Nouri Maliki vice president of Iraq and the head of State of law Coalition (credit: Maliki's Facebook page)

Nouri Maliki the head of State of Law Coalition rejects a proposal by the United Nations about the Kurdistan referendum which called for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil and once again he reiterate the coalitions opposition to the plebiscite in the Kurdish region and the disputed territories.

Maliki who is also the vice president of Iraq said in a statement to the press on Wednesday 20th of September that his coalition rejects a proposal by the UN because of conditions attached. The statement said that the UN proposal which was carried through the president’s office had a condition that would set a time limit for the dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad.

Maliki said that they reject the referendum and called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to abide by the ruling of the federal court and cancel referendum immediately.

He went on to call on the Kurds to start a serious dialogue within the parameters of the constiution and without any preconditions.

On June 7, Masoud Barzani and the representatives of most political parties, except for Change Movement and the Kurdistan islamic Group which together have 30 seats in the 111 seats parliament, set the 25th of this month as a date to hold a referendum for independence in Kurdish provinces and the disputed territories.

All of Kirkuk province, some parts of Nineveh, and areas in Salahhadin and Diyala are parts of disputed territories and Erbil and Baghdad have not reached an agreement in how to administer these areas.

The US government, the neighbouring countries and the European Union have announced their opposition to the referendum and say that holding the plebiscite will cause further instability in the region.


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