Turkmen in Kirkuk reject the outcome of Kurdistan referendum

October 1, 2017 at 4:20 pm

Ali Mahdi of Turkmen Front says they won't accept the outcome of Kurdistan referendum

Ali Mahmoud

Ali Mahdi a member of the Kirkuk Provincial Council and the spokesperson for Turkmen Front says they do not accept the outcome of the referendum and he calls on the council to rescind any resolutions that were passed when they were not present.

This statement from the Turkmen Front coincides with attempts to bring the Baghdad and Erbil government together and ease the tension between the two parties. “We do not deal with the referendum and its outcome because we boycotted the process,” said Ali Mahdi.

Mahdi calls on the Kirkuk Provincial Council to repeal any decisions or resolutions that have been passed at the council without the Arabs and Turkmen members of the council being present.

Mahdi also said that the position of the Turkmen’s across Iraq is for the implementation of the Iraqi constitution. He emphasised that they have no problems with the Kurds and they only consider some of the policies of certain Kurdish parties to be wrong and should be reviewed.

Kurdistan regional government held a referendum for independence on September 25 across the Kurdish region and the disputed territories in which close to 93% of participants voted yes.


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