Referendum had no impact on Peshmerga cooperation with Iraqi army

October 2, 2017 at 1:31 pm

Jabar Jawar, the Secretary General of Peshmerga Ministry (photograph: the ministry)

The Secretary General of the Peshmerga Ministry, Jabar Yawar says that the political tensions between Baghdad and Erbil have had no negative impact on the agreement between Iraqi army and Kurdish peshmerga and the coalition support for the Kurdish forces continues as before.

Yawar’s statement comes after reports surfaced on Saturday, September 30, suggesting that the agreement has been repealed due to the disagreement between Baghdad and Erbil.

“The agreement between Peshmerga and the Iraqi army has been executed according to the letter of the agreement,” Jabar Yawar said. “The essence of the agreement is that the peshmerga will not participate in the Hawijah operation.”

Yawar said that two delegations from the Defence Ministry have visited the Kurdish region recently and both parties have agreed that the peshmerga shore up its defences and support the Iraqi army logistically.

The second phase of Hawijah operation started on Friday 29th of September after the first phase was completed two days earlier.

“From now on the Iraqi army and the Hashd (PMF) will replace Daesh across from our berms,” Yawar said. Yawar went on to say that there is no possibility of the peshmerga and the Iraqi army clashing and there are still Iraqi army officers in joint operation rooms in Erbil. “The political tension have had no impact on the military relations and we are in regular contact with the defence ministry in Baghdad.”

The Secertary General of the Peshmerga Ministry says there are no possibility of clashes message of peace from the top Shia cleric Ali Sistani was important and Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi has said that his government would not take military measures.

Jabar Yawar said that the referendum process has not impacted the assistance the coalition forces are providing to the peshmerga and they have plans to train and assist the peshmerga forces for next year. “The German, the British and the American advisors are continuing their work with the peshmerga as before,” Yawar said.


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