Iraqi army claims to have retaken centre of Hawijah from Islamic State

October 5, 2017 at 10:47 am

Iraqi army claims to have retaken centre of Hawijah

Iraq War Media office announce that the security forces have retaken the centre of Hawijah in southwest Kirkuk from the militants of the Islamic State (Isis).

“Last night , October 4, the centre of Hawijah district was retaken,” said Abdulamir Rashid Yarallaj, the head of Hawijah Operational Command on Thursday morning, 5th of October. Various Iraqi forces took part in the operation including the 9th Armoured Division, the Federal Police, the Emergency Response Division, and a number of brigades (2, 3 ,4, 11, 26, 42) Popular Mobolisation Units.

Hawijah is located 55km southwest of Kirkuk and is the biggest district in Iraq where fighting is still ongoing between Iraqi forces and Isis militants.

Iraqi forces started the first phase of the operation to retake Hawijah on 21st of September which ended on 27th of September. The retaking of the centre of Hawijah district was part of the second phase which started on September 29.

Riyaz one of the subdistrict in Hawijah is still under Isis control but it is surrounded by Iraqi forces. Over the last ten days Iraqi forces retook the subdistricts Zaab, Rashad, Abasi in Hawijah district.

Hawijah is one of the disputed territories under Article 140 of Iraqi constitution and has been a focal point of contention between the Iraqi army and its Sunni residents as well as Jihadi armed groups such as Naqshbandi Group, Al-Qaeda sleeper cells.


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