Iraq steps up pressure on Kurds with new punitive measures

October 9, 2017 at 4:05 pm

The Ministerial National Security Council meeting in Baghdad (9 October 2017)

Iraq has prepared a list of individuals to hand over to the public prosecutor responsible for holding the Kurdistan referendum in the Kurdistan region and the disputed territories and Baghdad calls on Iran and Turkey to close their borders to the Kurdish region.

This latest statement came after the meeting of ministerial Nationals Security Council held today (9th of October) chaired by Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi.

“The Ministerial National Security Council has followed up on previous decisions regarding the unconstitutional Kurdistan Referendum to continue these measures and invoke new measures to return the sovereignty of the federal government to the Kurdistan region and the disputed territories,” the statement read.

in the same meeting, the participants agreed that legal measures should be taken against those behind holding the referendum and for that purpose the council has prepared a list of individuals without making it public.

The Council states that these measures are in favor of Kurdish people and not punishing them. The statement read that Baghdad is following up on repatriating the revenue of the oil from the Kurdistan region to the coffers of the federal government in Baghdad.

The council also took the measures to the bring the telecommunication networks operating in Kurdistan region under its authority.

Turkey and Iran should close their borders until such a time that the border crossings come under the authority of the federal government, the statement said.

Following Kurdistan Referendum on 25th of September, the Iraqi parliament in which the Kurdish MPs did not participate,  took some punitive measures against the region such as blocking its airspace to international flights, sending troops to the region and the disputed territories, and trying to bring the border crossing under its control.

Kurdistan parliament has rejected the measures by labeling them as illegal and unconstitutional.

Calls for dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil have been futile until as Baghdad insists that the Kurds should annul the result of the ‘unconstitutional’ referendum before negotiation could start.



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