Kurdish journalist murdered in south Kirkuk 

October 30, 2017 at 4:10 pm

Arkan Sharif, journalist for Kurdistan TV murdered in his house in Daquq, south Kirkuk on October 30

In the early hours of today, Monday, four masked gunmen entered the house of Arkan Sharif, a Kurdish journalist in south Kirkuk and stabbed him to death.

The group of masked men entered the house in Daquq south of Kirkuk at approximately 2:30 am and locked up the journalist’s children and wife and stabbed him to death.

One witness told Kirkuknow that no one was aware of the crime in the house until 7 am because the wife and children were locked up and no one must have heard their cries for help.

Arkan Sharif worked for Kurdistan TV, an official outlet of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) as a cameraman since 2004. He was also the head of a school in Hawttaghar village in Daququ, 44km south of Kirkuk.

The police in Daquq has started investigating the crime and to identify the assailants.

Kurdistan tv in a statement accused the militants of Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) of behind the crime.


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