Nineveh Council to select a new governor

November 8, 2017 at 4:25 pm

Nofal Hammadi the sacked governor of Nineveh holds a press conference to reject the council's decision (1 November 2017)

Nineveh Provincial Council is planning to appoint a new governor and serious discussion has started within the council to appoint a new governor, at a time when the current governor who was sacked last week by the provincial council can still appeal the decision.

The council in its meeting on Tuesday, October 7, opened the process to appoint a new governor for the province after it decided last week to remove the governor Nofal Hammadi from his position.

According to a statement from the council, according to section 5 of article 7 of the provincial council law , new candidates for the governor’s position can put their names forward from 12 to 19th of November.

Bonian Jarbo a member of the Nahza bloc (the largest Arab bloc in Nineveh) told Kirkuknow that serious discussion has started amongst various parties and groups for the new governor. According to the provincial council law, anyone can apply for the position be it a member of the council or outside.

Jarbo who has put his name forward for the position says according to the agreement between various ethnic groups in the province, the head of provincial council is for the Kurds but the governor’s position goes to Arabs.

Jarbo said what the council has done is the preparation and legal steps for the new governor to take up the position.

The majority of Nineveh council members decided on 1st of November to remove the current governor from his position over some court dossiers including the disappearance of billions of dinars.

Hammadi who became governor in mid-2015, rejects the corruption allegations and describes the decision by the council as ‘null’,.


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