Administrative and security changes in disputed territories

November 12, 2017 at 10:45 am

A market near Kirkuk citadel (July 2017/ Benar Sardar)

The central government in Baghdad has started appointing new officials to the security and administrative positions that were occupied by the Kurds in the disputed territories who abdandoned their psoitions due to the tension and violence in these areas since October 16.

According to a Kirkuknow investigation, since October 16, in the provinces of Nineneveh, Diyala, city of Tuz Khormao, over 20 security and administrative positions have been filled.

After 2003 according to a plan from Jalal Talabani the late head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the administrative and security positions were divided up equally amongst the Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds but after June 2014 when Islamic State attacked northern Iraq, the Kurds occupied more of the positions due to the unexpected changes in the area.

The Kirkuk governor’s position which was occupied by Najmaddin Karim until mid September when he was removed by the Iraqi parliament, is expected to be given to the PUK but the negotiation over proposed candidates have not been fruitful yet.

The Kirkuk provincial council has 41 members with Brotherhood list (Kurdish led) has 26 members, the Turkmen both Shia and Sunni 9 members, Arabs have 6 members.

The mayors of Kirkuk and Dibis which were given to the Kurds in the past (Kurdistan Democratic Party) have been given to the Arabs now.

Ahmad Askari a member of the Kirkuk provincial council says : there have been no changes but those officials who have not returned to their jobs, their duties are now carried out by their aides on their behalf.

There have also been changes in relations to security positions: the head of district and subdistrict police in Kirkuk province was given to an Arab but later was returned to the Kurds. The position was occupied by General Sarhad Qader until mid October.

A source told Kirkuknow that all the security positions occupied by the KDP are either given to Arabs or Kurds from the PUK.

In Nineveh, Mahma Khalil the mayor of Sinjar was removed and Fahd Hamed was appointed. Several other officials have been removed and new administrators have been appointed. The Nineveh provincial council also removed the governor Nofal Hammadi from his position last week and it is currently in negotiation to appoint a new Arab governor.

In Diyala area such as Khanaqin, there have been little changes in the security and administrative positions.

These changes in the disputed territories occur at a time that most Kurdish officials have not returned due to the tension that exist in these areas.


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