Police officers arrested in Tuz Khormato for voting in Kurdistan referendum 

December 5, 2017 at 3:20 pm

Tuz Khormato (Karwan Salehi)

Zhino Khalil

17 police officers in Tuz Khormato have been arrested for participating in the Kurdistan referendum of September 25 and a number of others have been requested by Baghdad, a member of Salahaddin provincial Council said.

A few days ago, a request came through from the interior ministry in Baghdad in which it said that 29 police officers should report at Tikrit for administrative reasons, but those who went there were promptly arrested.

Mala Hassan a member of the Salahaddin Provincial Council says out of the 29 officers 17 have been arrested for voting in the Kurdistan referendum for independence, two of whom are his bodyguards.

Mohammad Fayeq the spokesperson for Tuz Khormato mayoral office says they are aware that 17 officers have been detained. He said that on 18th of October, 12 police officers were detained for 24 hours and were released after the mayor’s office intervened on their behalf.

Tuz Khormato is one of the disputed areas between Baghdad and Erbil and is located in Salahaddin province. The residents are Turkmen, Arabs and Kurds. Most of the Kurdish residents of Tuz Khormato and other disputed areas were displaced after the events of October 16 when the Iraqi forces extended the authority of the federal government and forced out the Kurds from all the disputed territories including kirkuk.


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