Kirkuk University bans celebrations at campus

December 6, 2017 at 7:12 am

Kirkuk University

Feras Hamdani

The presiding board of Kirkuk University has banned all events and celebration after an incident last week raised tension between various ethnic groups at the campus.

During an event last week, a row started between various ethnic groups over the Iraqi flag but the issue was resolved before it got out of control.

“The board has banned all events at the university campuses such as graduation ceremonies and introduction ceremony until further notice,” said Maad Asi the head of media department at the Kirkuk university. Asi emphasised that the reason for such a decision is to safeguard the existing harmony between the students so they can strive for best results in their studies.

The decision was made by the Kirkuk university after the Ministry of  Higher Education and Scientific Research advised no events or celebration should take place at the university.

The incident was on 28th of November when a group of students held an event and raised the Iraqi flag and this resulted in tensions between different groups of universities.

Kirkuk is part of the disputed territories contested both by Baghdad and Erbil.


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