Kurdistan Parliament to document crimes committed against Kurds in Tuz Khormat

December 7, 2017 at 4:36 pm

Thousands of people from Tuz Khormato displaced, Zanana subdistrict, (Photograph: Ali Mahmoud, October 17)

Kurdistan Parliament states that the Popular Mobilisation Forces (PMF) should leave Tuz Khormato and what happened on October 16 should be recognised as crimes against the people.

On Wednesday, the Kurdistan parliament discussed the events of Tuz Khormato and the return of the Iraqi security forces to the disputed territories on October 16.

According to a statement from the parliament which was prepared by a committee all the crimes that were done against the people of Tuz Khormato should be documented by a legal committee and for the people to be compensated through the judicial channels. The statement read that the what was done against people should be recognised as crimes against people.

The parliament stated that the PMF forces should leave the cities and for the people to return to their homes and a special force maintain the security of the area in line with an agreement between the US and Iraq.

Thousands of people form Tuz Khormato were displaced as a result of the tension on October 16 where Kurdish volunteers fought the PMF inside the city.

Iraq Council of Ministers in its ordinary meeting on Tuesday, December 5, tasked the minister for migration to prepare a plan for the IDPs to return to Tuz Khormato district.

The attack by Iraqi security forces including the Shia militia in mid-October caused several deaths and hundreds of houses were burnt, looted or destroyed according to an investigation by Kirkuknow reporters.

Tuz Khormato is a district in Salahaddin province where Turkmen, Kurds, and Arabs live.


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