Tuz Khurmatu IDPs Long to Return Home

December 25, 2017 at 10:54 am

Kifri, 16.12.2017, photo of a displaced family from Tuz Khurmatu living  in a tent in Zinana Sub-district, Photo: KirkukNow

Laila Ahmed- Kirkuk Now

“God, I wish to go back to Tuz Khurmatu, for peace to prevail and violence to end, I do not want to see my children die” Suhaila Ahmed (52 years) she repeated this prayer in a desolate voice raising her hands to the sky.

Suhaila lived with her seven children and husband in a part of a mosque hall in Lifti Agha village in Zanana sub-district after she was displaced from Tuz Khurmatu district on October 16th, 2017.

From time to time a number of mortars that are shelled by the Iraqi forces on the area Suhaila raises her hands to they sky supplicating to God to keep them away from danger.

Suhail left her home in Tuz Khurmatu, which is within the jurisdiction of Salahadin province on October 16th after clashes occurred between the Iraqi security forces and forces affiliated with Kurdistan Region.

Suhaila’s husband is in bed because of a chronic disease, and two of her sons where working on daily payment in Tuz Khurmatu being the only income resource for the family. Now, they are out of job, just like hundreds of families who suffer lack of food.

The aftermath of October 16th and the ingress of the Iraqi forces and Hashd Al-Shabi and the Iraqi forces to Tuz Khurmatu within the process of so-called “Law Enforcement” that 1200 families were displaced to Zanana and Nwjool sub-district.

Zinana Sub-district, 17.10.2017, thousands of families displaced from 
Tuz Khurmatu, Photo: Ali Mahmud

Because of the displacement, we do not get enough food and aid from humanitarian organizations, and my children do not go to school” Suhaila added “I cried a lot few days ago when I was looking at my children. I have to go to the doctor on monthly basis, but since our displacement from Tuz Khurmatu I have not seen a doctor for two months now as I do not have enough money.”

As a sequence of October 16th aftermath, tens of families who were displaced from Tuz Khurmatu to Kurdistan Region are suffering from similar circumstances that Suhaila and her family go through.

Displaced families are tens of thousands of Kurds, with some Arabs, during a demonstration on November 11th these families demanded to return to their homes and submitted their demands to the United Nations Commission in Iraq, embassies, and country representations, and human right NGOs.

Fuad Jabir (63 years), a displaced man from Tuz Khurmatu who is living now in Zanana sub-district that is controlled by Peshmega forces, said to Kirkuk Now “our life looks like hell, we do not know what the future holds for us! We lost everything and we are about to lose our lives too.”

One of Fuad’s sons was killed at the onset of IS war in 2014 who was a member of the Peshmerga forces, and his other son cannot leave his home and go back to Kirkuk and resume his studies at Kirkuk Institute for he left his identification documents in their home at Tuz Khurmatu, and he is worried about the loss of his children’s future since they are not going to school.”

“Save us and protect our lives, they burnt our homes, I lost my son because of IS war, till when these wars will continue” this is what Fuad said.

Tuz Khurmatu district is one of the disputed areas in between Erbil and Baghdad and is within Salahaddin province, it was the first area to be captured by the Iraqi forces on October 16th and that was after the decree of Al- Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, to establish the state control in these areas.

Hayder Al- Abadi, the Iraqi prime minister, announced on October 17th that there were violations in Tuz Khurmatu and said “I issued strict orders to arrest anyone who forms danger on the internal security and attacked people and their properties.”





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