Three Bodies Found and Several Fighters Killed in Kirkuk

December 27, 2017 at 4:25 pm

The bodies of the three people, who went missing for 20 days, were found.

Kirkuk Now

In a military operation by the Iraqi forces some ISIS fighters were killed at the borders of Kirkuk province and the bodies of three people were found, those three people were kidnapped 20 days ago.


Those three people are: Hiwa Galori, Kosrat and Faryad who are residents of a Kani village in Dubiz district (35 kilometers northwest of Kirkuk). Their bodies were found at the borders of Shanshin village at the same district at the beginning of this week.


The nephew of one of the victims, who demanded his identity not to be revealed, said to Kirkuk Now “my uncle’s home is in Qara Arbat after ISIS entered their village (two months ago) they left their home. 20 days ago Kosrat, Hiwa Galori, and Faryad went to the village to check their village, but they went missing”.


Earlier and on three different incidents, ISIS fighters and for a month (from 18/ 7- 18/ 8) attacked three villages within the borders of Dubiz district with more than 17 people killed and some others kidnapped.


“my uncles and his friends returned to the village so as to pack the furniture of the abandoned house because of ISIS, but they were kidnapped and were killed in a very inhumane way and their bodies deformed.” said one of the victim’s nephew.

Finding the bodies of those three people was part of an operation by the Iraqi army forces to help people of Shanshin village.


The source of Kirkuk Now said “along with relative, friends, and people of Kalwar and Shanshin village and Iraqi army we could find their bodies between Shanshin village and Qara Arbat in Dubiz district and some fighters were killed within the clashes”. The source also confirmed that the fighters are “ISIS fighters”, without giving more details.


The bodies of those people, after being taken to Kirkuk Medical Jurisprudence, were handed to their families and were buried yesterday Tuesday 26/12/2017.


A source at Azadi Hospital- Kirkuk province said to (Kirkuk Now): “the bodies did not need a DNA test because 80% of the bodies were identifiable, two of them were identified and handed to their families, but the third body was not sorted out yet.”


According to the source, identifying of the bodies was made easier because of their clothes and their families knew the time and place of their disappearance.


These incidents that are related to the security of Kirkuk are a point of dispute by Kirkuk’s different components, especially after October 16th. Some Kurdish MPs say that these incidents have increased, but according to security officials the opposite is true.


Kirkuk and other disputed areas are under the control of the Iraqi forces since 16/ 10/ 2017 as part of an operation called “Imposing Law” after the retreat of Peshmerga forces after the relations between Baghdad and Kurdistan Region reached a complicated status.


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