Mosul Kidnapped Journalist “I was Tortured by Governor Order”

December 28, 2017 at 4:33 pm

Mohammed Amin al- Hamdani: The kidnapped journalist. Photo: His Facebook page

The journalist who was kidnapped in Mosul last week, who was arrested and tortured by an order from the governor of Mosul, has left the city after being freed.

Journalist Mohammed Amin Hamdani was asked by Nawfal al- Sultan ( the governor of Mosul) to come to the governorate building on Tuesday December 19. The responsibility of kidnapping the journalist was directed towards Nawfal al-Sultan’s guards.

In a statement by JFO (Journalistic Freedoms Observatory) that hosted al- Hamdani, who ran from Mosul in fear of his life, said on the behalf of al-Hamdani that the governor of Mosul and Mariwan al- Zidan (a member of the city council) have ordered to kidnap, torture, and illegally investigate him in regard of some news published on social media platform Facebook.

The statement added that there were clear signs of torture on different parts of al- Hamdani’s body, and that 15 men who are part of the governors guards have taken him to the head of guards room, who is a major, and they collectively beaten him with the butt of their guns for more than 30 minutes in an attempt to extract confessions related to some news published on Facebook pages.

On its part, the governor’s Media Office in a statement to Kirkuk Now denied that the journalist was detained by the governor guards adding that “the governor of Mosul Nawfal al- Sultan it ready to cooperate with the security forces in the investigation of the journalist abduction, assuring that law is above all and none can trespass it, no matter what is his position” without adding more details.

The journalist said that he was called to the governor’s building and he thought he would be covering some news where he was detained and tortured. Late the governor called the National Security in Mosul asking them to transfer the journalist to Directorate of Crime Combat- as an intermediate- ordering them to detain him without any court warrant or legal justification.

Al- Hamdani added that the commander of Mosul Police he called the governor office when knew about my detention telling them that “my detention is considered as a abduction and that he asked him to release me after I spend a whole day in between forceful detention at the governorate building, and in the Directorate of Crime Combat”.

The JFO called Federal Authorities in Baghdad to take proper measures to reduce legal breaches that the governors is doing.

It is worth mentioning that the head of Supreme Court Fa’eq Zidan on October 18 ordered not to issue any arrest warrants to any journalist related to new publication.


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