Kirkuk Police Warns of Plot Targeting Senior Officials

January 7, 2018 at 10:36 pm

the warning letter of brigadier general Omer Khatab, Kirkuk Police commander, for all security branches

Kirkuk: Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Police warns of a ’’plan to assassin 18 Kirkuk officials’’ to all the security branches of the province that has the governor, 5 MPs and a number of high-security officials among them.

The warning was included in a letter issued by brigadier general Omer Khatab, the general commander of Kirkuk Police, on January 1, 2018 that informs different departments and sections of Kirkuk Police which Kirkuk Now got a copy of the letter.

In that letter that was supported by Kirkuk Intelligence Agency, brigadier general Omer Khatab confirmed that they got hold on a letter that was written in ’’ Kurdish Language’’ containing the names of 18 officials to be assassinated or for their families and children to be killed and they were named as ’’traitors ’’.

The deputy governor, Rakan Saed al-Jiburi, was on the top of the list with 5 MPs and a number of Kirkuk high-security officials.

Colonel Afrasyaw Kamil, Kirkuk Police Directorate spokesman, said ’’the letter was directed to Kirkuk Police by the Iraqi Intelligence Agency to be aware of that plan’’.

He added ’’we do not know which group or side is attempting to assassin those people, but all security establishments were warned about this plan. ’’

The name of the 18 officials that are mentioned in the list

The list of the names that are in the letter and which Kirkuk Now has a copy of it:

Rakan Saed/ Kirkuk Deputy- governor

Liwa Torhan/ the former representative of Kirkuk Police Directorate

Brigadier general Sherzad Mwfary/ Director of FBS

Captain Lua’y Arabi

Colonel Salah/ Director of Kirkuk Intelligence

Arshad Salihi/ head of Turkmani Fraction and an MP

Hasan Toran/ Iraqi MP

Ghazi Talabani/ an official in Daqwq sub-district

Colonel Arkan/ Kirkuk Police

Ghazi Kirkuki/ Kirkuk Headquarters

Shwan Dawudi/ Iraqi MP

Ala Talabani/ Iraqi MP

Mohammed Mehdi Bayati/ official at Badir Organization

Brigadier general Orhan Turkmani/ Shia

Brigadier general Fahmi/ Director of

Captain Lua’y

Colonel Ahmad/ Kirkuk Information official

Niyaz Mi’mari/ Iraqi MP


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