Investigation of Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmatu Security Personnel Annulled, Iraqi MP

January 10, 2018 at 2:27 pm

Kirkuk 2017: General Police Directorate of Kirkuk. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Kirkuk Now


Shakhawan Abdulla, an Iraqi parliament, announced they had stopped the investigation process of personel and officers in Kirkuk and Tuz Khutmatu security branches, and the transferring of a number of policemen was annulled.

With the return of Iraqi forces for the disputed areas, a large number of employees and officers were investigated for their participation in the referendum and the aftermath of October 16, 2017.

Shakhawan Abdulla, a member of DPK (Democratic Party of Kurdistan) fraction, published on his Facebook page that he obtained the Minister of Interior consent to dissolve all the investigation committees for Kurd officers and personel that took place after October 16. Their salaries were also stopped for the same reasons.


With the start of this month, the names of 29 policemen within the borders of Tuz Khurmatu sub-district were sent to Salahuddin province for some work and visit Tikrit city. They were imprisoned for few days for they were accused of participating and voting in the referendum, and were freed after few days.


That MP also said that the Minister of Interior gave his consent to transfer these policemen back to area 1 at the border of Kurdistan Region from the middle and southern parts where they were transferred to.


The events of October 16 were resulted in the displacement of a thousand households from the disputed areas when the tension rose in between Baghdad and Irbil due to the referendum. Up to this moment, the situation has not calmed down with no negations started in between the two governments.


The referendum of 25-9-2017 in Kurdistan Region and the disputed areas despite the severe objection of Iraq and most of the international society. Thus, it was decided to investigate those who were employed by Baghdad government and voted in the referendum.


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