Disease Infects More Than 700 People in Sadiya and Khanaqin

January 11, 2018 at 4:01 pm

Diyala, end of 2017: IDP camp at the borders of Khanaqin district. Photo: Kirkuk Now

Hawre Azad

In Sadiya and Khanaqin IDP camps, a skin disease is spread and more than 700 people infected and that is due to the polluted environment and not spreading insecticides.

Cuntaneous leishmaniasis (oriental sore or tropical sore) is also knows as Baghdad boil in the past few days has spread in different areas in Sadiya, Hamrin area, the Zarogshian villages and IDP camps in Khanaqin.

Sarmad al-Bayati, the Health Director of Khanaqin and its surrounding sub-districts said to Kirkuk Now “the disease has spread in all the sub-districts of Khanaqin but in a low rate and necessary medication is made available by the Iraqi Ministry of Health to treat the patients of that disease.”

According to statistics collected by Kirkuk Now from the health departments of Khanaqin district that in Sadiya sub-district only  250 people are infected by the disease, while in Hamrin and Zarogshian villages 400 infections were registered who get daily injections as their treatment.

Most of infections were registered in Sadiya within the borders of Khaniqin district-Diyala province because of the polluted environment.

The health director in Khanaqin says the main reason for the spread of this disease is due to not spraying insecticides since insects are the main cause of these disease transmissioon.

Another reason for its spread is environment pollution plus trash storage and disposal.

The disease has also spread in one part of Khanaqin IDP camp where hundreds of families are displace as a result  of wars and tensions in Iraq, especially the ISIS assault leaving their homes and properties behind and living in tents.

A’qil al-Jiburi, the Hospital Director of Khanaqin camp told Kirkuk Now “according to our statistics approximately 120 people were infected within the camp, but 60 were treated and are now in good health.”

Cuntaneous leishmaniasis mostly infects the skin because of some kind of bacteria that are in a certain type of insects who transmit the disease. The disease starts as a big red pimple with some holes and an abscess in it, or it might be like a swollen dry red pimple leaving a scare on the skin. Its healing duration might be anything between 6-12 months.

The Garmiyan Health Director deems it important the the Municipality and Directorate of Agriculture to preform their duties to prevent further spread of this sort of diseases.


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