Close Up: 18 ISIS Fighters Killed in Al-Zab

January 29, 2018 at 12:11 pm

Kirkuk: Al-Zab PMF celebrate killing 4 ISIS fighters. Photo: KirkukNow

Yassin al-Sabaawi

News of ISIS fighters’ presence was delivered to Al-Zarariya village close to their farms in Al-Zab sub-district (76km northwest Kirkuk province). Farmers reported the fighters’ whereabouts to security forces consequently leading to discover a secret cave used by the fighters planning to target the village.

Reports from villagers coming on Monday January 22, 2018 led to the killing of 4 ISIS fighters by villagers and security personnel.

Military commander, Captain Mohammed al- Jwais said to KirkukNow: “Around 10am Monday morning we received an number of reports from villagers of Al-Zarariya village (17km north of Al-Zab sub-district center) confirmed seeing a number of ISIS fighters trying to hide close to the river and to the village farms.”

The commander said: “Popular Military Forces [PMF] with the support of tribes and villagers surrounded the place to search for ISIS members then clashes occurred where 4 ISIS fighters were killed and a PMF member wounded.”

Al-Jwais said it was not possible to identify killed ISIS fighter, yet he confirmed they are not residents of Al-Zab and given their clothes were wet probably denoted they tried to run by crossing Zab river.


Reporting the Secret Hideout:

Village mayor, Khidhir Hussein Jumaa, told KirkukNow a farmer reported that other fighters were hiding in an abandoned place close to his farm after the clashes killing the 4 ISIS fighters.

The mayor said that “high alert declared in the village and we intentionally directed a calling to all villagers through the big mosque that your sons in the PMF and security forces are surrounding them so run to assist them.”

Meanwhile, villagers, PMF of Al- Zarariya village and Federal Police surrounded the fighters hideout.

Related to the total number of killed fighters and their hideout, Captain al- Jwais said: “ISIS fighter were fortified in an abandoned cave on the way crossing the middle of the farms. After clashing with them it turned that their numbers was more than 10 and they had small and light weapons and grenades and explosive belts, this made us prolong clashes to secure the lives of farmers and villagers and end the operation with minimum loss.”

Hussein Ahmad al-Hilali, a local of the area, said: “villagers gathered together to support PMF and Federal Police after they surrounded a group of ISIS fighters entrenched close to the farms who wanted to target our village.”

The bodies of 14 ISIS fighters were found in the hideout, a security source revealed to KirkukNow adding that these forces have demolished and flattened the hideout on Tuesday January 23, 2018. The sources also added saying: “some bodes were identified and they are some of ISIS’s most dangerous fighters in Al-Zab sub-distrcit, Subaih villages and Al-Sabaghiya area.”

4 PMF members of the village were also injured, and one of them is in critical situation as it was mentioned by the same source. Weapons, arsenal, explosive belts and communication devices were also found confirming their intentions to plot attacks in the area, the same source.

Military Press Cell announced in January 4, 2018 carried out search and arrest operation for fugitives to impose security and order in Hawija, Al-Riyadh, Al-Rashad and Al- Zarga areas.


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