Federal Police Takes Over Kirkuk as Iraqi Forces Withdraw

January 30, 2018 at 12:47 am

Prde: 23/10/2017. 3 days after Iraqi forces took over the sub-district. Photo: KirkukNow

Kirkuk- KirkukNow

Advancing Iraqi Forces withdrew from Kirkuk city handing its security to “the Federal Police” according to 3 sourcs who provided this information to KirkukNow. While the Kurds are asking the Asaish and Peshmerga of Kurdistan Region to manage the city security.

Azad Jabari, Security Committee head in Kirkuk Provisional Council, said to KirkukNow: “Monday January 29, Kirkuk’s Iraqi Operational Command will announce withdrawal from the city and we will hand the city security completely to Federal Police.”

He also said: “beside the Federal Police, Counter-Terror Squad (CTS) will stay in Kirkuk and it is decided to maintain the city security in this way, and no changes will take place till the coming parliamentary election on May 12.”

Meanwhile Mohammed Osman, Iraqi MP from Kirkuk, confirmed these changes to KirkukNow and said: “Iraqi Operational Command will withdraw, but CTS will stay… Federal Police will mange Kirkuk’s security.”

These changes come 3 months and a half after Iraqi Operational Command were deployed in Kirkuk as part of operation “Imposing the Law” in the disputed areas as ordered by Heider al-Abadi, Iraqi Army Commander-in-Chief.

Prde: 23/10/2017. 3 days after Iraqi forces took over the sub-district. Photo: KirkukNow

Azad Jabari, who was appointed the head of Security Committee as Kurd in the provisional council, dis-estimated the importance of these changes saying: “it is only them [Iraqi Forces] who stay, some go and some others come, they have one uniform and weapon type and vehicles and one way of treatment… these changes are not important, that is not an important change, we demand Peshmerga and Kurdish Region’s Asaish Forces to participate in managing Kirkuk’s security.”

Peshmerga and Kurdistan Region’s Asaish Forces withdrew from the disputed areas and Iraq Forces took over post October 16, 2017.

There were attempts to return Asaish forces affiliated with Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) to Kirkuk by holding talks and meetings, but all were futile.

A Police official, asked his name kept unknown so he will not face troubles, said to KirkukNow: “till now there is no evidence that forces of Kurdistan Region will take part in managing Kirkuk’s security, and the changes taking places this week are only related to forces who managed Kirkuk security post October 16.”



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