Baghdad Shuts Most Internet Companies in Disputed Areas

January 31, 2018 at 3:28 pm

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Kirkuk- KirkukNow
National Security Service (NSS) shut down some Internet service companies maintaining the custody of their technical equipment and transmission devices in Kirkuk and disputed areas by an order from the Iraqi Communication and Media Commission (CMC).
Services of some Internet providers intermittingly stopped since mid January, but 5 Internet companies have stopped officially since Monday January 29, 2018.
Hedi Ahmed, a Fastlink (mifi modem provided by Fastlink Company) user, from Kirkuk said: “since a week I am suffering because of my Fastlink [mifi modem] that cuts for long hours from every once in a while and then come bacj for a short time, so I called the company and they told me that they have a technical problem and they are working nonstop to fix it.”
Hedi demanded Fastlink Company to compensate users for the days they did not have Internet service and give the real reasons why internet services stopped..
Liqaa. Earthlink and Nawroz companies have the same issues as Fastlink Company whose services stopped, while other companies like Asiacell and Zain have no problems.
KirkukNow tried to get in touch with the companies whose service stopped in Kirkuk and disputed areas, but they refused to give statements related to the matter.
An official source from NSS, who asked not to mention his name for the sensitivity of the matter, said to KirkukNow: “CMC contacted us and told us to stop the services of companies who did not pay their annual taxes to the commission.”
He added saying: “thus, we confiscated the companies’ towers and stopped their services, and we are waiting CMC’s response to restore their services.


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