First MP Candidate Killed in Kirkuk Province

February 10, 2018 at 4:29 pm

Ali Almas Ghayib: A candidate and university teacher in Kirkuk University, who was shot in and killed in his car.

Kirkuk: KirkukNow

Ali Almas Ghayib, Kirkuk University teacher and the first candidate of the 2018 Iraq parliamentary elections to be “assassinated”. This is according to a statement by Atta Movement, the party that Ali was a member of which is close to Haider al-Abadi’s Nasir (Victory) coalition.

Ali Almas was faculty at the College of Law and Political Sciences. On Tuesday February 6, 2018 afternoon Ali was killed in his car on Baghdad Road at Kirkuk city center in front of Baba GurGur petrol station where he was shot and immediately died.

Najat Hassan, Kirkuk Provisional Council member of Turkmens, told KirkukNow: “Ali Almas was a university teacher and he was working in politics in Atta’ Movement and that party’s candidate for Iraqi Parliament, that movement is close to Al-Nasir coalition which al-Abadi as its head .”

Ali Almas (30 years) was a Turkmen and he was working for Security Committee of Kirkuk University.

Dr. Omer Inje, Kirkuk University’s president assistant, said to KirkukNow: “teacher Ali Almas untill Tuesday noon was at the university, later he went out with his car and shaved his head at a barber shop on Baghdad Road, when he went back to his car he was shot and killed. Police is investigating and as a university we are waiting for their investigation, this teacher had no problems at the university, but he nominated himself for the elections.” Inje also added saying: “he was also a candidate to get a post.” Without him giving details on that post Almas was to get.

Ali Almas Ghayib. Photo: his Facebook page.

After the incident, a security source at the city told KirkukNow: “some unidentified gunmen shot that teacher and ran away”, despite the ongoing investigation, yet no outcomes have been reached.

In a statement, Atta’ Movement condemned “assassinating” Ali Almas saying: “the deceased was our party’s candidate for Iraqi Parliament, and was assassinated by a dirty hand who does not want security to prevail in Iraq,” without indicating what that “hand” is.

Atta’ Movement asked all security forces to act up to their roles and preserve social co-existence.

Ali Almas’s body was transported to Karbala- a holy Shia city- since the deceased was Shia Turkmen.

Najat Hassan, who is also a Shia, said: “investigation show attempts to kill the deceased, but Ali Almas was a candidate, and worked in the Security Committee of the university and a teacher as well, maybe one of these three reasons is the cause of his killing.”


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