Khak Sports Club in Quest of Another “Messi”

February 11, 2018 at 11:51 pm

Kirkuk 4/2/2018: Training of Khak Sports Club Academy. Photo: Karwan Salahi

Karwan Salahi- Kirkuk

Khak Sports Club Academy continues its endeavors to attract athletic talents in Kirkuk province. Up to now, 100 trainees are trained to improve their talents like Yar Said nicknamed Kirkuk’s “Messi”.

Jamal Mohammed, the academy supervisor, told KirkukNow: “currently we have more than 100 trainees aged between 10-18, but during school days they train on Fridays and Thursdays only, but during the off-days they train on daily basis.”

Yar Said nicknamed “Kirkuk’s Messi” was one of the trainees in Khak Club Academy.

The academy was established on July 20, 2014 and more than 500 individuals received their training in the academy, among them was the talented boy Kirkuk’s “Messi”, real name Yar Said, who joined the academy a while ago.

Another trainee named “Ahmed” was called to Jordan by the Spanish football club Barcelon to an interview. He was also called to join Iraqi Youth team as said by Jamal Ahmed.

The 100 trainees were divided to five level trained by five coaches. Jamal added saying “our current goal is to form an integrated team of youth to participate in Kurdistan league.”


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