Sazan Restores Hope to Her Family

March 3, 2018 at 7:34 pm

Tuz Khurmatu, February 2018, Sazan and her father in front of their burned bookstore, photo: exclusive to Kirkuknow

Zhino Khalil- Salahaddin

Sazan is a bright student and at the same time a gifted shopkeeper; she is a main backbone of her family, which is why her father’s disability never disappointed the family.

Sazan is only 11 years old, but she is busy with helping her father in restoring their store every day after school, so they can go back to their normal lives as soon as possible.

“I go and help my father in restoring our bookstore every day after school” Sazan told Kirkuknow.

The family’s house and bookstore are located on (Komari) neighborhood which is the oldest Kurdish neighborhood in Tuz Khurmatu which was severely damaged in October 16, 2017 events.

Bestun Najat is the father of two children, a son and a daughter, and it has been more than a month that they have returned to Tuz Khurmatu, Bestun said: “My daughter and I are rebuilding my bookstore now”.

A few days after the October 16 events, this family’s bookstore was burned, “Some people burned my store and they called me personally and told me they are burning my store because authoritative people used to visit the store” Bestun commented.


Sazan’s father Bestun, has special needs, he was a Peshmarga and this is how he lost his legs, but despite all the misfortunes, he is still optimistic and hopes to start working again just like before.

According to the Kirkuknow journalist team’s explorations, the return of the Iraqi troops to Tuz Khurmatu after Peshmarga’s withdrawal in the past few months led to killing a number of civilians and the district’s houses and stores were robbed and burned.

“My children woke up to the sound of shootings and bombardments in the morning of October 16 in Komari neighborhood, they started shouting and crying, my brothers came all the way from Kifri to save us” This is how Bestun talked about the events.

After leaving Khurmatu, Bestun and his family went to Dawdya area, after a while they headed towards Kifri,  they rented a house there and paid 200,000 IQD for a month.

Bestun said: “We stayed there for only 50 days, because I couldn’t afford the rent and we were in a poor household situation”.

At the beginning of this year and along with thousands families from Khurmatu they decided to return home after months of being internally displaced, especially with the attempts of normalizing the district’s situations, and they believe that now their area is safe up to some extent.

Sazan is over the moon about returning home, she went back to school once again and saw some of her friends, she said: “I was scared of the bombardments sound when we left Khurmatu, my dad said it will not happen again and from now on we will live in peace”.


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