Opening Duhok- Mosul Commercial Route Officially

March 5, 2018 at 11:18 pm

Nineveh, 5-3-2018, opening the Mosul-Dohuk road in a commercial way, photo: the media of Nineveh Provincial Council

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The Duhok-Mosul commercial road opened officially on Monday, March 4, for the commercial goods traffic.

The Iraqi troops returned to Nineveh plains and the other disputed areas on October 19 which led to closing the roads between Kurdistan Region and Mosul.

Nawfal Hammadi, Nineveh province governor underlined the importance of the route to facilitate commerce and international traffic movements.

The opening of this road was postponed several times because of the disputes.  It was announced to hold meetings between Nineveh and Dohuk to discuss this issue. Eventually , an agreement was concluded in January.

The route connects Mosul to KRG areas and Iraq with the neighbouring countries. The opening of the road was attended by Bashar al-Kiki, head of Nineveh province council, Nawfal Hammadi, Nineveh governor, and Farhad Aterushi, governor of Dohuk.

Nineveh plain, 11-10-2017, the link between the Kurdistan Region and the city of Mosul

Bashar al-Kiki stated that opening this route has a major role in stabilizing and reviving the financial status of the area.

Furthermore, he stressed on the attempts to restore Nineveh and KRG back to their normal financial status and make the society thrive again.

The closure of the road has increased the suffering of citizens in the areas of Nineveh Plain, especially the employees, in addition to causing financial losses for farmers and traders.

The reason behind the road closure was controlling of the large parts of Nineveh province in 2014 by the so-called Islamic State organization. But it was completely closed after the redeployment of the Iraqi forces in the “disputed areas” on October 16, 2017.



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