Iraqi Parliament Makes a Decision about Kirkuk Oil Money

March 6, 2018 at 2:22 am

Baghdad 2017: One of the parliament meetings. Photo: Parliament Media Office

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Iraqi parliament tries to reveal the truth about Kirkuk’s oil money, and it investigates the dossier through a committee.

There has been a controversy between the parties about millions of dollars missing of the province’s petrodollar budget. Nevertheless, the case is still unsolved.

Iraqi parliament announced an approved decision on March 3 about the smuggled oil from Kirkuk oil farms.

In the decision, the Central Bank has been assigned to disclose and expose the name of the people and the banks where the money has been deposited.

It is also decided to form investigation committees to inspect and reports on the oil, energy, and integrity committees.

Meanwhile, Nechirvan Barzani, Prime Minister of Kurdistan Region Government (KRG), declared in a press conference on March 4, that an amount of Kirkuk’s petrodollar money is deposited in Kurdistan banks, which belongs to Kirkuk’s people and projects.

Ali Hama Salih, MP from Goran Movement, in a press conference stressed on that, from the beginning of 2016 up to the first six months of last year, 182 million dollars of petrodollar has been sent to Kirkuk.

Hama Salih claims that 60 million dollars are missing and “is deposited in Najmadin Karim’s bank account”. Kurdistan bank denied these claims on February 21.

Najmadin Karim, Kirkuk’s former governor, has been removed from his position last year by the Iraqi Parliament, and he did not return to Kirkuk since the October 16 events.

KRG sent Kirkuk 10 million dollars several times as petrodollar money for exporting oil from Havana and Bay Hassan before the October 16 events, but currently exporting from these two oil farms are completely halted.


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