Men Reject One Day for Women

March 8, 2018 at 12:56 pm

Byar Rashid- 32 years, with Sara Hama Salih-25 years, Photo: Kirkuknow

Narin Rostam

Byar Rshid 32 years old, is one different husband in the neighborhood, he starts off his morning by washing the dishes, making the house smell nice, playing a piece of music, and last but not least, cooking for his wife.

When Byar’s wife (Sarah Hama Salih- 25 years old) comes home from college, they set the table together and start eating. Everything is equal in that home; therefore March 8 for them is not one day only.

The couple got married four years ago, Byar works two days in a week at the arts department in the Ministry of Culture, and his wife Sarah goes to college five days a week, and they organized the household tours and help each other all the time.

“On my off days, after breakfast, I start my daily tours in the house; I wash the dishes, clean the house, and sanitize the rooms. Later on I start playing music and fill the house with the sound of my violin”, this is how Byar described his everyday life.

He added: “I cook for lunch and wait for Sarah to come home and eat together”.

Byar believes that, the thing is not about helping his wife, but “it is my own duty, we share everything in this house, we are partners”.

On the International Women’s Day, women organize various activities to draw attention to women’s rights and condemn the violations against women.

Some people think of the day as diminishing women’s role, and on the contrary, some believe that it is a special day for women.

Hawkar Rskn (33 years) with his wife Shara Baban (28 years), photo: Kirkuknow

Byar’s wife came home when he was preparing lunch, and he said: “March 8 is an ordinary day, because we should fight for women’s rights every day, not only one day of the year”.

Sarah and Byar’s story is a different story about March 8’s portrait, they emphasized on that women should be trated everyday as it is March 8.

Hawkar Rskn (33 years old) is an artist. He and his wife live a life similar to Byar and Sarah’s life. Hawkar told Kirkuknow: “my wife helps me in my art projects, and now I help and support her in her art works, I feel pleased when I see my wife’s name on the photos in a photograph gallery”.

Shara Baban (28 years old) is Hawkar’s wife and she is a photographer, she says, meeting Hawkar made me think about marriage, “We are friends, this friendship kept our marriage alive”.

“A woman has to fight each and every minute to earn her rights, because she is the one who obtain freedom for herself, this is nobody else’s job”, this was Shara’s opinion about the International Woman’s Day.

A man helping his wife inside and outside of their home is another portrait of improvement in women’s condition in Iraq.

Rebaz Ahmed (32 years) with his wife Khokh Mohammad Amin (25years) Photo: Kirkuknow

Rebaz Ahmed (32 years old) is a salesman in Erbil, he said: “I learnt how to cook from my wife, sometimes she makes bread and I toast it”, this is what life is about, he said smilingly.

Rebaz asks men to look at themselves and their wives equally, “Men are supposed to be aware of this equality and help their life partners”.

While Rebaz was speaking, his wife Khokh Muhammad Amin said: “All the days are ours”.


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