Women are Discontent with their Status

March 8, 2018 at 8:08 pm

Kirkuk, Demonstration of women's rights organizations, photo: Kirkuknow

Soran Muhammad

The new political phase in Iraq and Kurdistan is a new challenge to women; they have more roles and prominence, but it is still not enough.

Women stepping up, especially in leadership, has definitive role in some of the political parties.

Women consider The International Women’s day on March 8 an opportunity to once again accentuate on their rights.

Tara Hussain, management member in Tavgari Azadi of Kurdistan Community told Kirkuknow: “Generally, women still do not have important positions; their battle is not quite enough when it comes to society, family, and management”.

Meanwhile, Hussain’s party elected eight women out of 15 members as managers in their first conference on January 19.

“Women must know themselves first; unfortunately there is lack of self recognition in women in Kurdistan Region. Women must know their history in society”, Tara also believes “Reality brought women to where they are now, it is women’s fight against authoritative system”.

Sulaymaniyah / 19-1-2018 / A girl participating in the selection of the leadership of the Kurdistan Freedom Movement of the Society of, Photography: Soran Muhammad


March 8 is International Women’s Day, and it is celebrated with various activities in most of the countries.

Nyaz Abdullah, women’s rights activist thinks that women’s duty and responsibilities is not where it is supposed to be, men always have the last words.

“In Iraq and Kurdistan, to date, women enter parliament and provincial councils with quota system, unfortunately money and executive authority are owned by men, hence, the competition is unjust” said Nyaz Abdullah.

She also told Kirkuknow: “We may talk about caring for women, only when half of the candidates are women”.

Women lead a number of lists and coalitions, among them is Kurdistan Communist Party, in which women make up 100% of the candidates.

Shler Abdulmajid, Communist party candidate for Parliament elections told Kirkuknow: “Choosing women as candidates is important and thrilling, because women participation in the essential society roles indicates equality between men and women”.

Abdulmajid is happy with her party’s policy and says: “We have always tried to keep a balance, so that the society can have its true role, no society may tackle democracy without acknowledging the true role of women”.

Nineveh, celebration of the Women’s Day in the city of Mosul, filming Ali Ayad


In a new political step, at the beginning of this year, Zhalla Naftchy, one of the Turkmen female leaders in Iraq, established a new party in Kirkuk. Naftchi was elected as her party’s president with the majority of the votes.

Amal Jalal, the president of Kurdistan Supreme Council for Women, believes that it is women’s right not to be deprived when it comes to politics, management, and administration.

“I genuinely believed women’s number will increase in this phase, but unfortunately, none of the parties understand the suffering and role of women in administrating society aspects”.

Amal mentioned that female candidates should be consisting of 30% but the parties could not pass that percentage.

The president of Kurdistan Supreme Council is optimistic about the future; she hopes things would go based on agenda, so that women can have their significant role in shaping politics and community management.


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