Love Breaks the Barriers
Different Marriage Between Two Components in Kirkuk

March 11, 2018 at 10:56 pm

Kirkuk, March 2018, engagement of Atheer and Layla in Kirkuk court building

Firas Al-Hamdani/ Kirkuk

“I am a Turkoman from Kirkuk and I chose a Kurdish lady from my city based on our sincere feelings. We in Kirkuk are one family and the whole world knows that there is no difference between Arabs, Kurds, Turkmens, and Christians. Kirkuk will remain the city of love, brotherhood and peace” with these words, lawyer Atheer Ismail began the story of his engagement from Leila.

The city of Kirkuk is characterized by a multiplicity of nationalities and doctrines; it is inhabited by a mixture of Kurds, Arabs, Turkmen, Assyrians and Kaka’i, and the Sunni and Shia doctrines.

Earlier this month, the Kirkuk court saw a different engagement, in which one of the lawyers asked for his colleague’s hand in the chamber of the attorneys and surprised her.

Atheer Ismail said in an interview with Kirkuknow: “My way of choosing my fiancé and announcing my engagement is unique and I am happy about it, I chose to surprise my colleague by asking for her hand and announcing our engagement in the courtyard of the union. The floor was covered with candles and flowers and we stood before all our colleagues”.

He added: “I wanted to send two messages to the whole world, first of all I wanted to break some barriers, restrictions, customs and traditions that restrict personal freedoms and happiness, and the second is that I am a Turkmen Iraqi from Kirkuk and I chose a Kurdish Iraqi from Kirkuk based on our sincere feelings and nothing else. And to let the whole world know that there is no difference between Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, and Christians; Kirkuk city will remain a mini Iraq of love, brotherhood, and peace’’.

Despite the differences of views and political conflicts in the administration of the province between political parties and politicians, these differences did not affect the coexistence and relations between the components in the city.

Lawyer Laila Abdul Rahman said that her fiancé pleased her with the surprise and beautiful preparations in his proposal and announcing their engagement, and that their happiness does not require them to be from one component, but the only condition to make them happy is understanding and sincere feelings of love.

Biro Amir the Bar Association Deputy told Kirkuknow: “Our colleague broke the barriers and challenged the customs based on modernity when he surprised his fiancé and all their colleagues in the courtyard of the union’s lounge with beautiful preparations. We call them (Romeo and Juliet) and wished them a happy life. What is more important is that their decision is the culmination of the peaceful coexistence known to Kirkuk and its people”.

Kirkuk is one of the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad. Its history dates back to five thousand years ago. Its inhabitants now consist of four main components: Kurds, Turkmen, Arabs, Chaldeans, and a minority of Sabean-Mandaeans.


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