ISIS Burns a Family from Kirkuk
One of the Victims is a Pregnant Woman

March 13, 2018 at 1:17 pm

Kirkuk 12-3-2018 funeral of the family killed by IS in Khazra neighbourhood, photo: Kirkuknow

Karwan Salihi- Kirkuk Now

The so-called Islamic State (IS) burns all the member of a family after shooting them in their car between Daquq and Tuz Khurmatu district road.

The incident took place on Sunday night of March 11. The family was on their way to Hillah from Kirkuk and they were ambushed by IS in a false checkpoint.

Muhammad Hisham (photographer in Huna Salahaddin channel) is relatives to the family, he spoke to Kirkuknow: “My uncle’s family was on their way to Hillah, but they were ambushed and shot by the IS terrorists, later on, the terrorists poured gasoline on the car and set the family on fire”.

The victims are (Walid Qasim, Fuad Qasim with his wife and their two children, and the wife was pregnant).

According to the victims’ relatives, the family was in this car. Photo was published on Facebook pages.

A security source told Kirkuknow: “IS terrorists set a false checkpoint on Sunday, March 11, and they shot a car with five passengers, then they set the car on fire”.

According to the security sources and the victims’ relatives, the victims were all in one car, while leaving Daquq district towards Tuz Khurmatu, they were stopped by a temporary checkpoint. They did not know the armed people are IS terrorists.

According to the source, all the passengers who were from Kirkuk were burned due to the fire.

The victims were from Kirkuk and resided in Khazra neighbourhood.

Kirkuk, 12-3-2018, funeral sign of the family, photo: Kirkuknow

Muhammad Hisham says one of his uncles was a soldier in Iraqi Military, and the other one was a student. He also mentioned that “IS published the photos on their tweeter account and took the responsibility for the crime”.

Even though the end of IS was announced on last September, but they attack the Iraqi forces from time to time in different areas, including killing 27 members of Al-Hashd al-Shaabi in Riyadh sub-district in an ambush on February 18.

So far, the Iraqi forces launched several operations to clear the area from the IS members. The last operation was launched on Sunday. According to the operations’ media, more than 50 armed IS members were killed in the past few weeks.


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