“I have no plan to resign and return to Kirkuk”, Rebwar Talabani, acting head of Kirkuk Provincial Council, told Kirkuknow

April 3, 2018 at 4:07 pm

Kirkuk, 1st April 2018. Journalistic conference of Rebwar Talabani, Kirkuk Provincial Council acting head. Photo: Karwan Salihi

Goran Baban-Kirkuk

Rebwar Talabani, Kirkuk Provincial Council chief, said that he has no intention to resign and come back to Kirkuk. He also denied the rumors about his returning to Kirkuk and reinitiating the council’s meetings in an interview with Kirkuknow.

“I have not decided to come back to Kirkuk, yet. I have directed four preconditions letter to Haidar Al-Abadi, Iraqi prime minister, and my returning is based on the fulfillment of these conditions.”, Mr. Rebwar said.

On 19th December of last year, acting head of the Kirkuk Provincial Council sent a four preconditions letter to Haidar Al-Abadi, Iraqi prime minister, and talked about the significance of permitting all the fractions of the council to join the meetings.

Based on a copy of the letter that has been sent to Kirkuknow, the first point was to create an appropriate atmosphere that allows the council members to return to Kirkuk Provincial Council and start over in presence of all the components in the next week to fulfill their obligations as legitimate representatives of Kirkuk citizens to put an end to the current administration gap.

Kirkuk, 29th August 2017. Kirkuk provincial council’s meeting to vote on the participation of the referendum. Photo: the council media

In his second condition to Mr. Abadi, Mr. Rebwar said, “To guarantee a safe ground for the refugees, compensate those who were harmed, and set those free who are detained due to political matters.”

His third condition is to solve the military issues in the province, and said, “To give command to the Iraqi security forces including Hashed to be repositioned in their initial bases, and to give the security issue back to local police.”

After the 16th October of past year, Rebwar Talabani has been living in Erbil and has not returned to Kirkuk. Mr. Rebwar, who is still acting head of the council, does not go to his office, and in the letter, as his fourth condition to return, he asked Mr. Abadi that it is a constitutional right to allow the political parties to come back to Kirkuk, and lending back their headquarters that are captured by military groups.

“We found it out that Jwan Hassan, one of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU) fraction candidates, to replace Mr. Rebwar Talabani.” Hadi Ali, head of KIU political affairs council, said on 2nd December of last year.

“I have no plan to resign at that position in the moment.”

“Mr. Rebwar Talabani, Kirkuk Provincial Council chief, in propose to restore the current situation of Kirkuk and reinitiating the council, as a react to the issue he is not returning to Kirkuk, but about the rumors of his resigning, he told Kirkuknow, “I have no intention to step down.”

Due to the fact, on 28th January, in a regular meeting, the council in presence of more than the half of its members, decided to choose Jamal Mawlud Bapir, member of Brotherhood list, as the oldest member of the council to carry on the administrative and financial affairs of the council instead of Rebwar Talabani.

In a three conditions statement, both Arab and Turkmen lists demanded to dismiss Rebwar Talabani from both chief and deputy of the council.

Brotherhood list in Kirkuk Provincial Council has agreed to dismiss Mr. Rebwar from deputy of the council if at same meeting another candidate has to be chosen from Brotherhood list within KIU political party.



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