October 16th development
Hundreds of students may lose the chance to participate in the Iraqi ministerial examinations

April 8, 2018 at 3:22 pm

Mosul, 2017. First day of exams on the left side of Mosul after Islamic State. Photo: Kirkuknow

Zhino Khalil-Saladin

Due to their displacement and not taking first semester exams, hundreds of refugee students in Tuz Khurmatu at both 9th and 12th grades have not received their codes to participate in the ministerial examinations.

After the tension between Iraqi security forces and Pheshmerga forces in 16th October 2017, approximately 800 teachers and thousands of students flee to Kurdistan region of Iraq’s (KRI) cities and became refugees.

Meanwhile students in Iraq have received their participation codes for the ministerial examinations, refugee students who could not take the last exams before ministerial examinations, were not able to receive these codes, and the majority of these students are Kurds.

“Because I could not take the first semester exams of this year, they do not allow me to take ministerial examinations.” Niyan Othman, a Kurdish student in Tuz Khurmatu told Kirkuknow.

Niyan also said, “I went to the directorate of education, and they have informed me that those students who came back to Tuz Khurmatu after the first semester exams, they lost the chance to participate in the ministerial examinations.” She asked to find them a solution and said, “I lost the chance to pass this year because I am a refugee.”

Ahmed Ramadan, teacher in Tuz Khurmatu, told Kirkuknow, “the Kurdish students’ codes have stopped, and the decision to start over the procedures dependents on Tikrit directorate of education’s conclusion.”

Iraqi ministry of education recommended the refugee students to contact the nearest schools in their region after the October 16th development, but some of the students were not able to contact due to their unstable situation.

Najim Sayd Hashim, executive of Tuz Khurmatu directorate of education told Kirkukow, “regardless of ethnic differences, those students who are registered in the ministerial examinations, have received their codes, but those who are not, they have not received their codes.”

In order to avoid the refugee students to lose their chance to pass this year, the directorate of education in Tuz Khurmatu has sent a letter to the Iraqi ministry of education to find them a solution.

Mr. Najim also said that they are waiting the ministry’s decision, and said, “To compensate the students either to allow them to take first semester exams, or to take the second semester exams and multiply it by two to be able to participate in the ministerial examinations.”



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