The Iraqi National Internet Project will launch in Kirkuk

April 10, 2018 at 8:57 pm

internet service provider tower


The examination phase of the National Internet Project in Iraq will start to operate initially and temporarily in Kirkuk according to a statement of Iraqi ministry of communication.

The mentioned ministry has announced on April 9th that the project started at the main publication center of Kirkuk province, and the service will be provided to all Iraqi citizens.

Based on the statement, the project has strategic, national, and international significance and values. As well, it will optimize internet and communication services that guarantee constant services to the people.

The network of the project will connect Iraq to the international internet servers through cables, and later the service will be provided to all the provinces through cables as well. Moreover, the project is at its final stages, and its second phase is to provide the service to all the houses in Iraq with an affordable price.

The ministry of communication of central government clarified and said that the cables will be three meters underground, and four thousand kilometer squares of Iraqi land is provided for the project

In the end of this January, due to the October 16th development and tensions between KRG and central government, Iraqi National Security Council controlled all the internet service provider towers in Kirkuk province, and the services were halted.


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