Mosul Talks Conference started
The role of media in promoting coexistence process

April 10, 2018 at 11:16 pm

Erbil, 10th April 2018. Mosul Talks Conference to promote coexistence. Photo: Kirkuknow


The goal of Mosul Talks Conference is to promote the role of media in encouraging coexistence and issuing cases of justice in Mosul. The conference was held in Erbil on April 10th and started at 9 o’clock. Tens of media agencies, mentors, and NGOs that exist in Mosul and Nineveh province, participated at the conference. Moreover, the conference was sponsored and held by both organizations (MICT and CFI).

Salam Omer, editor in chief of Kiruknow, was invited to the conference. Kirkuknow has focused on the socio-political and geo-political issues and events of the Disputed-Areas including Nineveh province since the beginning of 2017 through its publications and press of the battles against Islamic State before recapturing the province as well as covering the situations of refugees, children and women cases, and public services.

Erbil, 10th April 2018. French consulate at Mosul Talks Conference in Erbil. Photo: Kirkuknow

Nineveh province is the second largest province in Iraq, and it was the first province that was invaded by Islamic State in the middle of 2014. The invasion resulted in the displacement of more than one million residents of the province, and they became refugees in other provinces especially in the cities of Kurdistan region of Iraq.

The right side of Mosul is devastated and almost all of the buildings, bridges, and its infrastructure are destroyed during and due to the recapturing operations. Up to present, life has not come back to the city especially to the right side of the city, and tens of thousands of its residents still live in refuges even though the central and local governments are working hard to reconstruct and bring life back to the city.



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