Over 27 Islamic State members were captured by Nineveh Police in two days

April 12, 2018 at 12:07 pm

Mosul, March 2018. Searching operation of the security forces. Photo: Nineveh Police


Over 27 Islamic State members have been arrested in different areas of Nineveh province in the past two days according to security forces of the province. Based on a statement of the police commander of Nineveh on April 11th, the security forces could capture one of the commanders of the mentioned organization who tried to blend in with the refuges of Hamam Al Alil.

Brigadier-General Hama Namis Jabouri, commander of Nineveh Police, in a statement on April 11th, said that 15 Islamic State fighters were arrested on the left side of Mosul due to search operation of the security forces of the city. Moreover, at the same day, in another operation, eleven accused and wanted individuals were captured which three of them are members of Islamic State.

On April 10th, due to a search operation of the police forces, six more members of the mentioned organization were arrested in Mosul, and at the same day, two more members were detained in Zumar district on the western side of Mosul. Even though Islamic State has been defeated in Iraq for more than five months, there are still violent activities of the mentioned organization in Mosul.

Furthermore, a big amount of explosives was found in Tel Afar citadel on the western side of Nineveh on Wednesday according a statement of Iraqi security media center. Mosul and its surrounding in Nineveh province have been recaptured since July of last year, but there are still security issues, and most of the refugees have not returned.


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