Hashid sends troops to Khanaqin
Without coordinating with the Kurds, PUK says

May 1, 2018 at 9:13 pm

Khanaqin, 2017. One of the main roads at the center of the city. Photo: Hawre Azad


To conduct security operations, Hshid Al Shaabi sends more troops to the territories of Kkanaqin district. According to a partisan official, they have not coordinated with the Kurds while taking this step, as he claimed that their stay is temporary.

Fourth brigade of Hashid Al Shaabi which includes six regiments, yesterday reached Khanaqin district in Diyala province on 29th April, and the brigade is positioned outside the city.

According to the an official within Hashid, they sent troops to provide better security to the region, he told KirkukNow, “It is a special brigade of Hadi Amri, and they have participated in most of the military operations against Islamic State. They came according to  Haidar Al Abadi, the Iraqi Prime Minister, order with cooperation of Dijla Operations.”

After October 16th of the last year, Hashid forces initially came to Khanaqin after the evacuation of Peshmarga forces in the area.

Sherko Mirways, in charge of PUK headquarter in Khanaqin and leader of PUK list in Diyala for the upcoming election, told KirkukNow, “That brigade came without coordinating with us.”

Diyala, 2017. A KRG police in the bazaar of Jalawla sub-district of Khanaqin district before October 16th development. Photo: Hawre Azad

On November 2017, PUK made an agreement with Iraqi government to allow Peshmarga and other Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) forces to return to Khanaqin in the name of cooperation in preserving peace and security.

Mr. Mirways said, “We are informed that this force stays outside of the city temporarily, and their aim is to defeat the remaining of Islamic State members in the area, then they will leave.”

Despite the ongoing efforts of the security forces in the region, from the beginning of this year, many different incidents happened in Khanaqin.

The source within Hashid gave explanation on the situation and said that due to the fact that they are ordered to evacuate those territories that Peshmarga forces have already left, security gap is seen in these areas.

Khanaqin district is in Diyala province, and it is part of the disputed areas. The majority of its population are Kurds alongside Arabs and Turkmens minorities. After 2003, KRG security forces provided safety to the people until the return of central government security forces on October 16th of the last year.


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