Kurds in Duz Kurmatu Protest Withdrawal of Rapid Response Force

September 4, 2018 at 1:46 pm

Salahaddin,, September 3, 2018, Duzh Kurmatu representatives prepare for protests Photo by Kirkuk Now

Zhino Khalil, Salahaddin Province


The Popular Council of Duz Kurmatu plans to wage protests in the multi-ethnic disputed territory, calling for the participation of the town’s Kurdish community.

Council members gathered at Komari mosque on September 3 to make preparations for wide protests against a recent decision by the Iraqi government to withdraw the Rapid Response Force and replace it with a new force backed by the defense ministry.


Fakhir Abbas, Popular Council member told (Kirkuk Now) that “the protests are set for Friday September 7 in which we will call the government to dissolve its recent decision to withdraw the Rapid Response Force and replacing it with another one.”

Abbas says “thousands of Kurdish residents of Duz Kurmatu who fled the town due to security instability in the wake of last year’s October 16 events, many of them were able to return after the deployment of the Rapid Response Force”.

The Force was sent by the Iraqi Interior ministry and managed to restore relative stability to the disputed area encouraging fleeing families to return.

Abbas fears that the Iraqi government’s new decision “will force Kurdish families to leave the town again”.


Duz Kurmatu is the only dsputed territory between the Kurdistan Region and Iraq located in the province of Salahaddin and is inhabited by Kurds Turkmen and Arabs.


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