Shingal Mass Graves to be Unearthed

September 5, 2018 at 11:22 am

Ezidi old woman searching for remains of loved ones in a mass grave

Ali Ayad, Mosul


Forensic teams are making preparations to uncover tens of mass graves in and around the town of Shingal, which was the scene of despicable atrocities committed by ISIS terrorist group.

Dr. Zaid Ali, head of the the Department of Forensic Medicine in Baghdad speaking to (Kirkuk Now) said “ Our task is creating a detailed database of those who are still missing in the wake of ISIS invasion of Shingal”, noting that they need a few weeks to complete the mission.

The database would be an important step ahead of the unearthing of 65 mass graves found in Shingal’s  Hardan and Koja villages and will eventually help the team identify the remains of the victims.


In August 3, 2014 ISIS terrorist group took control over the Ezidi-populated town of Shingal committing mass killings and kidnappings.

Between 3000- 5000 Ezidi men are believed to be killed by ISIS while thousands of women were taken captives by the group.

Shingal is 120 km west of Mosul and is predominantly inhabited by Ezidis.


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