Ninawa Provincial Council Awaits Agreement on Appointment of New Head

September 10, 2018 at 12:38 pm

Ammar Azizi, Ninawa


The position of the Head of Ninawa Provincial Council has been vacant for over a week now and it is not clear who would fill the vacancy.

Bashar al-Kiki former head of the Council quit after swearing in as MP in the newly-elected Iraqi Parliament.


Al-Kiki who was on the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) list in the 2013 provincial council elections was selected as head of the council according to an agreement between the KDP and other fractions.

Saido Chato, another council member from the (KDP) fraction told (Kirkuk Now) that the 2013 agreement is still in effect.

He said, “the post is the KDP’s share, therefore as an Ezidi Kurd on the KDP list I have nominated myself for the post”.


According to the 2013 provincial council election results, the Fraternal List which included the KDP along with other Kurdish political parties won 11 seats out of 39 in the Ninawa provincial council.

Chato noted that a meeting presided by the council’s deputy head, –a Turkman-, is expected to be held this week to discuss the issue.

Although Saido Chato introduced himself as the the KDP’s nominee for the post, the party has not made a formal decision yet.


According to the Iraqi constitution MPs cannot assume other official positions; therefore Bashar al-Kiki along with another council member had to quit the council.

Hayam Ilham, member of the Ninawa provincial council from the Ninawa fraction said,” the post is the share of the KDP in accordance with a 2013 agreement among the fractions”, noting that “the agreement is in effect and no changes has been made”.

The Ninawa fraction has 15 seats in the provincial council followed by the Kurd’s fraternal list with 11 seats,while the (Nahdha) list has 10 seats. The remaining seats are quotas allocated for the Christianm Ezidi and Shabak minorities.


Based on the 2013 agreement, the post of governor was given to the Arabs, the head of the council and deputy governor went to the Kurds, while the post of deputy head of council was given to a Turkman.

Dawud Jundi, head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) fraction in the council which now has 3 seats in the council, after splitting from the KDP, say, “according to the law all (39) members are eligible to nominate themselves for the position of head of council, however it is not clear yet whether a KDP member will be selected according to the previous agreement or changes would be made to the agreement to allow other council members to fill the post”.

Jundi noted that “ till now the KDP has not chosen a nominee, and no agreements have been reached among the council’s four fractions and we don’t know when the council will convene”.

Jundi believes that agreement which has been forged 5 years ago “is now changeable because the political situation is not the same as in 2013”.


Ninawa governorate is about to make the first change in a higher administrative post since 2014 after appointing a new governor in the wake of the ISIS attacks.

In the meantime, provincial council elections are scheduled to be held by the end of this year and it is not clear if the elections will be held the Ninawa province.

Ali Khalil head of the KDP 14th Branch in Mosul said “we have started negotiations with all groups in the last few days and they all agree that a member of the KDP fraction fills the post”.


The KDP’s resolution to assume the position comes despite the fact that since October 2017, the party’s political activities have diminished in the province while most of its organizational centers has not returned to the province yet.

On October 16, 2017 and the following days Iraqi army forces took over the disputed territories, forcing Kurdish Peshmarga forces to pull out. Baghdad-Erbil relations deteriorated after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) held a non-binding independence referendum in September last year.


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