Strategic Project to Resolve Drinking Water Shortages in Kirkuk

September 11, 2018 at 11:38 am

Kirkuk- delivering drinking water by tankers Photo: KirkukNow Archives

Ibrahim Ali – Kirkuk

Fresh water shortages have affected some areas of Kirkuk, and the city’s directorate of water distribution expects the problem to end soon.

Residents of the Huzairan, Wasiti, Qadisiya, Askari and some other quarters have been depending on water tankers to provide them with fresh water.


Qasim Abbas, head of Water Distribution Directorate attributes the problem to “ the lack of stored water and trespasses on water pipelines in some areas”.

Abbas told (Kirkuk Now) that they are awaiting the completion of a strategic water project called Project K1-2 which is expected to put end to water scarcity in Kirkuk.

He explained that 90% of the project has been completed so far, noting that “the company which is carrying out the project will resume work soon after they receive their financial dues which is about 14 billion Iraqi dinars”.


Project K1-2, when completed, will have the capacity to store 14 thousand cubic meters of water supplies.

The acting governor of Kirkuk Rakan Saeed al-Juburi at a meeting held on September 9 announced that 71 billion Iraqi dinars have been allocated for the province ; as result work in over 564 projects will resume.

Most of the Iraqi provinces face fresh water shortages especially during the summer season.


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